Event Background

Dear Colleagues:

According to auto production and sales data released by related authorities, China's long-term sustained growth in automobile production and sales will reach an inflection point in 2018, with negative growth for the first time in 28 years. The automobile market gradually enters the "stock era" from the "increment era" and transitions from the "seller's market" to the "buyer's market". As the growth rate of automobile sales slows down, deep-mining of the value of the aftermarket have become the concern of the industry players. Aftermarket finance is drawing more and more attention than ever, and becoming the main focal point of the automobile industry in the future.

Under the new market pattern, what structural changes are taking place in China's automobile consumption market and what new financial scenarios have emerged? In the context of stronger regulation, what are the right reaction should the asset-side and capital-side take respectively? How does the financial business in aftermarket adapt to the ever changing times and find opportunities in the market restructuring? These problems bring challenges and also more opportunities.

Faced with the huge development potential automobile aftermarket, not only the licensed financial institutions such as auto finance company, insurance company, commercial bank, financial leasing company, consumer finance company , but also various emerging players like Internet companies, technology companies, third party service institutions and other market participants, should be actively thinking about how to find accurate positioning, cut into each financial service demanded part of the automobile aftermarket, exert advantage, take a place in market value chain and maintain sustainable development.

Best regards,

Organizing Committee of China Automotive Aftermarket Finance Innovation Congress

Agenda Overview

Plenary Meeting:Work Together to Build a Benign Development of the Automotive Aftermarket Finance Ecosystem

Issue 1:Aftermarket Finance Business Opportunity Analysis under Automobile Industry Pattern Shift

Issue 2: Leader's Practice-Winning the Market with Innovation

Issue 3: The application of fintech in the automotive aftermarket financial field

Stream A: Auto Finance Leasing Innovation Forum

Issue 1: Development and Innovation of New Car Financial Leasing Business

Issue 2:Analysis of the pain points of commercial vehicle financing leasing

Issue 3:Analysis on Prospect and Business Model of New Energy Vehicle Financial Leasing

Stream B:Auto InsurTech nnovation Forum

Issue 1: Building Auto Finance New Eco in New Market Pattern with New Technology

Issue 2: How to Improve Operational Efficiency under the Penetration of Technology


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