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Dear Colleagues,

Under the guidance of the "Digital China" strategy, the insurance industry has set off a wave of digitization.By using information technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain, AI and 5G, insurance companies improved the efficiency of business expansion and operation management, accelerated iteration in channels, products, services, risk control, ecology, and reshaped competitive advantages.  Digital transformation is no longer a "multiple-choice question", but a "required course" for survival and long-term development.

The "technology enabling" phase of the insurance industry is now in full swing.In the future, with the gradual digitalization of the participants in the insurance industry and the accelerated digitalization of the behaviors of policy-holders, the industry will accelerate into the digital ecological stage.

Follow the wave of reform, if you don’t advance, you will retreat. Digital Insurance Leadership Annual Summit 2022 aims to lead the construction of China's insurance digital ecosystem. With the theme of "Cooperation Technology Ecosystems", CIDLF2022 will gather 300+ Top talents from insurers, reinsurers, government®ulatory,healthcare organization, health management, auto services, smart cities,insurtech, investors and the IT vendor market.

Looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai!

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Organizing Committee of Digital Insurance Leadership Annual Summit 2022

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SESSION1 Innovation Drives Development, Technology Empowers Industry

SESSION2 Development Strategy of the Whole Industry Chain


SESSION3 Practice of Digital Transformation in the Whole Value Chain


SESSION4 Technological Innovation Enables the Insurance Industry Chain


SESSION5 Delivering For the Customer