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    With the reform of interest rate liberalization, economic new normal and vigorous development of capital market, bank industry is faced with the dilemma of narrowing of spread, increasing risk, enterprise financing demand diversion. Those factors lead continuous decline of profitability. Meanwhile, with the increase of the residents’ income and the change of financial consumption habits, customers also put forward higher and more comprehensive demand of financial service channels and financial products and services.

    Retail banking has the characteristics of strong premium capacity, economic cycle resistance, stable financial resources and risk diversification. It is against this background, many leading banks have chosen to increase investment of retail banking business basing on the long-term strategy. At present, this strategic transformation has achieved preliminary results, and the proportion of retail sales revenue has steadily increased. According to the annual report of listed banks published in 2017, the income ratio of retail business is over 30%, compared with average 40% in developed countries, the gap is gradually shrinking. With the current development trend, industry statistics indicated that the scale of retail banking market will reach 100 trillion by 2022.Facing the expecting market outlook and complicated external environment, how to further deepen the system reform, continuously innovate in product services, marketing channels, risk control capacity and other business aspects with industry experience and the latest technology, and establish differentiated competitiveness in order to explore a sustainable way of transformation in the fierce market competition and remain an invincible position, has become an important issue that commercial bank in China must face and solve.

    Under this background, “China Retail Banking Innovation Summit 2018”, jointly organized by SZ&W Group and related industry authorities will be held in Shanghai on September 19 and 20, 2018. This event will focus on the latest development of global retail banking market dynamics, policy trend, product innovation, marketing innovation, and risk control innovation, sharing the cutting edge business model and technology applications, exploring business opportunities in Retail banking industry. Leaders and experts from government agency, association, commercial banks, technical solution suppliers, research institutions, consulting companies will gather in this grand event and have extensive and in-depth discussion to explore new direction of retail banking, providing the industry players the most valuable information and foresight. We are looking forward to your participation, gathering in Shanghai, sharing this great event!

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    China Retail Banking Innovation Summit 2018

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