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Andr¨¦ MERLIN, President, CIGRE
David W. Mohler, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, DUKE Energy
Yusheng XUE, Honorary President, Research Institute State Grid Electric Power
CHOW Tang Fai, Director-Power Systems, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
Bradley R. Williams, PE, VP Industry Strategy, Oracle Utilities
The 3rd WSGC China

¡°Making a Green Grid¡± has become a vision for many countries all over the world. Worldwide utilities will cooperatively invest more than US$378 billion in smart grids construction by 2030. Compared to legacy grid networks, building an intelligent grid involves more stakeholders, such as environmental groups, electricity end-users, power marketers and venture capitalists,which presents major opportunities regarding the development of smart grid.


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Pierre Bornard Hu Xuehao ADB_Ashok Bhargava Francesco Marini Yang Shengchun

Key Participants from China will be
Power Utilities:
State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid, China Guodian Corporation, China Huaneng Group etc.
Government Policymakers & Associations:
National Energy Bureau of China, Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Committee , China Electricity Council ,China Electromechanical Integration Association etc.
Regional & Provincial Power Grid Companies:
North China Grid Company, Northeast China Grid Company, East China Grid Company, Central China Grid Company, Northwest China Grid Company£¬etc. Beijing Electric Power Company, Shanghai Electric Power Company, Shandong Electric Power Company, Jiangsu Electric Power Company, Tianjin Electric Power Company, Guangdong Electric Power Company, Hebei Electric Power Company etc..
Power Grid Institutes:
China Electric Power Research Institute, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Sate Grid Energy Research Institute, etc. .
Bert Heerbaart Dr. He Dexin Richard Jun Li Dr. ML Chan Dr. Bernhard Thies

The 3rd World Smart Grid Conference China offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities that will fit your marketing and business¨Cto-business needs.
valueable exposure among key industry decision-makers.
your image within a highly targeted, market.
Reach key industry players in an environment specifically designed to foster understanding and support the transfer of knowledge.
Jerry Huang Kyeong Seob Moon Pierre Bornard Dmitry Kotlyarov

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