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    Marketization of Commercial Auto Premium Rate Progresses & Future Trends

  • The achievements and lessons learnt from the first round premium rate reform ;
  • The 2nd and 3rd rounds premium rate reform: possible timelines and contents ;
  • Governmental supports development for telematics & UBI products
  • The Opportunities and innovation for Auto Insurers

  • Insurance product requirements for brand autos and OEM;
  • Insurance products required by new energy autos;
  • The Innovative Trends of Internet Auto Insurance;
  • Telematics & UBI Innovative Trends around the World
  • Customer Acquisition Breakthroughs: Channels Innovation & Cost Reduction

  • Auto Insurance Channel/Direct Sales Channel/ Internet Sales Channel Innovation Trends;
  • The EA Model: Introduction, Expanding Suggestions & Practices;
  • Independent Personal Agent System Development;
  • A Win-Win Solution for the Cooperation between Auto Insurers and 4S Stores
  • Claim Cost Control Innovation in the Transformation of Automotive Aftermarket

  • The Promotion of Homogenous Auto Parts;
  • The Development of E-Commerce of Auto Parts;
  • Disruptions in Automobile Repair Industry & New Business Models for Claim Management;
  • O2O Platform Innovation to Simplify Claim Process and Improve Cost Performance
  • Customer Experience Improvements: Advanced Technologies, Tailored Services & New Strategies

  • Big Data & Precision Marketing in Auto Insurance;
  • Advanced Solutions to Optimize Claim Process
  • LoT Development in Auto Insurance;
  • Auto Insurance+: Identify the Added-Value Services Your Customers Real Need

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