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Welcome to Automotive Digital Cockpit and UX Summit 2021

    With the advent of the digital era, people's yearning for a better life is endless. Consumers have higher requirements for the digital experience of the car, and technological innovation is helping people realize their vision of the car one by one. In the future, automobile is not only a vehicle, but also a mobile terminal platformintegrating future mobility and big data. What digital solutions can meet the expectations of generation Zusers? How to design products to meet the growing and diverse needs of users? Digital cockpit is closely related to user experience, and the user centered intelligent cockpit will become the core field of differentiation competition of OEMs.

    In 2021, our company will launch "digital cockpit and user experience forum". Starting from the digital cockpit, HMI design, scene cockpit and UX experience innovation, we sincerely invite the digital cockpit design experts and relevant scholars from the OEMs and related enterprises to discuss the development trend of digital cockpit and the integration of user experience innovation, so as to create a comprehensive and three-dimensional future travel industry vane.

Summit Highlights

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  • The Evolution Road of Intelligent & Digital Cockpit in SDV Era

  • UX Oriented HMI Design

  • Senario-based Automotive Cockpit

  • How to Improve UX and Meet the Increasingly Customized

  • Safety Design of Intelligent Cabin for Autonomous Vehicles

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