Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

Auto industry is facing a big subversion. Autonomous car, smart mobility, NEV even more is shaping the future of urban moves.

In last year, we have discussed and imagined the future of autonomous deeply even some leading active players have put forward some solutions to guide us how to achieve autonomous.

With time goes into 2018, we can see autonomous has made great progress like more and more testing area building, legal polices improving, and what most important is that the critical technologies have upgraded in the past two years. These great changes cannot be neglected and the urban lifestyle is being reshaped. While China has chosen a local path-intelligent and connected, now the smart car development in China has achieved great works no matter global OEMs or Chinese local brands. Chinese market also devoted great energy to build connected. Though it seems like two different paths between autonomous and smart, however for one goal.

Welcome to join this advanced, creative and practical event to exploring advanced technologies &practical approaches to autonomous, and intelligence progress in China. Let us witness the new lifecycle and ecosystem changes in the past one year and next year!

Best regards,
Organizing Committee of 2nd Autonomous& Smart Vehicle Summit 2018


Session One: Future Vehicle Lightweight: Development and Fusion

  • Moving Towards a Smart City Transportation Services with Autonomous Technology
  • Smart Vehicle Development in Stages in China
  • Critical Legal Issues: Definite the Rights and Liability
  • Vehicle Safety and Performance Testing Platform in China
  • On Road Tests for Autonomous Vehicle in China

  • Session Two : Autonomous Tech Progress

  • Development of ADAS
  • High-Precision Map and Challenges
  • New Generation Sensing System and Commercial Application
  • The Establishment of Autonomous Driving Safety Warning and Response Mechanism after Road Test
  • Autonomous Driving to Meet the Mobility Demands
  • Session Three : The Development of Intelligent-Connected

  • Smart Phone and Smart Car
  • Coding for Driving Behaviors and Designing for Safety System
  • In-vehicle Infotainment and HMI
  • Panel Critical Technology Discussion: Will the Cameral enough or Lidar /Radar is still the Priority?
  • The Development and Application of Intelligence Combining with EV
  • The Intelligence of Control System and Risks Prevented
  • Panel Discussion: The Journey to Commercialize and Large-scale of Smart Car for OEMs
  • The Solutions of Telecommunication Security
  • The Possibility of Autonomous Technology on NEV Car

  • Workshop on Future Mobility

  • Keynote 1: The Impact of Autonomous Tech & Connectivity on Future Urban Moves
  • Keynote 2: The Prospect of Smart Car Application in Periodic Renting
  • Roundtable:The Infrastructure Development to Meet the Demands of Future Mobility Required
  • Keynote 3: Digital Helps Smart Mobility
  • Roundtable: the Cooperation Models between OEMs and Platform Servers

  • In the event brochure, you will know that the 2-day conference this year will more focus on China Vehicle development


  • Regulators
  • OEMs
  • Component Supplier
  • Software Provider
  • Hardware/Smart Hardware Provider
  • Sensor/Chip Provider
  • Mapping/Locating Service Provider
  • Electronics Engineering Solutions Provider
  • CAE/CAX Simulation Software Companies
  • Technology Consultant and Server