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Dear Colleagues,

Auto industry is facing a big subversion. Autonomous car, smart mobility, NEV even more is shaping the future of urban moves.

Now main OEMs are pushing connectivity and autonomous driving over the world, under this context, the event will discuss the progress and applications of critical technologies of connectivity and autonomous driving including: deep learning, sensing and digitization for future driving, and emerging AI tech applications.

Welcome to join this advanced, creative and practical event to exploring advanced technologies & practical approaches to future driving and OEMs’ applications in Europe. Let us witness the new lifecycle and ecosystem changes!

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Autonomous Driving and Future Mobility 2019


Session 1: Perception System Innovation for Autonomous Driving

  • Overview of AI Application Trends in Autonomous Driving and
           Perception System
  • Robust 360 Sensing and Next Generation Perception System
  • Sensor Fusion: A critical step on the road to Autonomous Driving
  • From Deep Learning Algorithms to Sensor Data
  • Case Study: Smart Data Revolution-digital Platform for Autonomous Driving
  • Ice-breaking

  • Session 2: Deep Learning, Algorithm for Future Move

  • The Role of Deep Learning and AI in Future Automated Vehicle Systems
  • Deep Learning in 3D times
  • Leveraging Next-Gen Deeping Learning and Computer Vision for L4 and
            L5 Automated driving
  • Case Study: Deep Learning Application for Driving Behavior Tracking
  • Panel Discussion: Algorithm for Smart Vehicle Brain in Future
           Autonomous Driving
  • The End of Day One Conference & Chairman’s Remarks

  • Session 3: AI-based Future Mobility Model

  • Application of Deep Learning and AI in Future Mobility
  • AI for Future Transportation Infrastructure
  • How to Meet Customer’s Future Mobility Needs?
  • What Strategic Actions Might Automotive OEMs Take to Prepare
           in the AI Era?

  • Session 4: Trends of Venture Capital and Start-ups for Autonomous Driving & Future Mobility

  • Case Study (Open for sponsor)
  • Road Show (Open for sponsor)

  • Workshop A-Simulation and Functional Safety Methods for Autonomous Vehicle

  • Customized Sensor Test for Autonomous Driving with Sensor Fusion HIL
  • Leveraging Advanced Multi-Simulation to Test and Validate
           Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
  • HIL Simulation for Powertrain and Chassis on Autonomous
           Vehicle Platform
  • Test Evaluation of Vehicle Control Architecture to Meet
           ISO26262 Functional Safety Requirements
  • Human Factors in simulation and Validation
  • The End of the 2-Day Conference & Chairman’s Closing Remarks

  • Workshop B-Debates on Rights and Responsibilities: Driving Behavior Norms and Legislation

  • Fulfill the Testing Legislation to Make Better Preparation before On-road
  • How to Establish Universal Safety Standards and Legislation
  • Roundtable: Configuration Lifecycle Management–Data Management &
           Legal Requirements Tracking data and analyzing driving behavior
           to establish real environment driving models


  • Regulators
  • OEMs
  • Component Supplier
  • Software Provider
  • Hardware/Smart Hardware Provider
  • Sensor/Chip Provider
  • Algorithm products provider
  • Cloud computing servers
  • Digital products provider
  • Telecommunication server
  • Mapping/Locating Service Provider
  • CAE/CAX Simulation Software Companies
  • Technology Consultant and Server