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Auto industry is facing a big subversion. Autonomous car, smart mobility, NEV even more are shaping the future of urban moves. Now main OEMs are pushing connectivity and autonomous driving over the world, under this context, Autonomous Driving and Future Mobility 2019 (Berlin, Germany, April 8-9)  will discuss the progress and applications of critical technologies of connectivity and autonomous driving including: Deep learning, sensing and digitization for future driving, and emerging AI tech applications.

Welcome to join this advanced, creative and practical event to exploring advanced technologies & practical approaches to future driving and OEMs’ applications in Europe. Let us witness the new lifecycle and ecosystem changes!

Hot Topics
Sensor Data and AI Data Analytics High Performance Computing, Real Time Analysis, Computing Architectures
Data for Deep Learning and Validation on Autonomous Driving 3D Times and 3D Simultaneous, 3D Map, 3D X
Data Revolution and Digital Platform, Code Flow and Algorithm Debates on Autonomous Driving Behavior and Universal Safety Standards
ITS, Smart Infrastructure, Location and Mapping Framework for Environment Awareness in Real Time Autonomous Driving
Sensor Fusion for Driving Behavior Tracking Smart Infrastructure Preparation and Testing Legislation
Algorithm for Smart Vehicle Brain in Future Autonomous Driving Trends of Investments and Start-ups for Future Move

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Autonomous Driving and Future Mobility 2019 Agenda Preview
Day 1  Apr. 8, 2019  Monday Day 2  Apr. 9, 2019  Tuesday
Session 1: Perception System Innovation for Autonomous Driving Session 3: AI-based Future Mobility Model
Session 2: Deep Learning, Algorithm for Future Move Session 4:Trends of Venture Capital and Start-ups for Autonomous Driving & Future Mobility
Workshop A: Simulation and Functional Safety Methods for Autonomous Vehicle
Workshop B: Debates on Rights and Responsibilities: Driving Behavior Norms and Legislation

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