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European countries are following the same trend as that of North America toward driving an autonomous vehicle. The British government has already planned to adopt regulation of driverless technology regulation in 2017 and working on amending the international law to cover self-driving technology by 2018.  

It is projected that there would be 25% of self-driving car penetration in this region by 2035. The countries would not witness a fully automated vehicle but would drive lots of manual cars with computerized features.

In 2019, Autonomous Driving and Future Mobility 2019 (Apr. 8-9th, Berlin, Germany) will discuss Overview of AI Application Trends in Autonomous Driving and Perception System which include relevant government laws and regulations. You can get the latest information about autonomous driving. If you want to know more, please click here to register now.
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♦  10-15 minutes presentation in conference commercial session
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♦  Arranged 1-1 meetings with investors and peers throughout road show
♦  Company one pager given to all investors
♦  Post-event follow up and consulting
Join the SZ&W Group network for future events, meetings with other relevant investors, and more
♦  Be a attendee to participate in the awards

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