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Audi and Volkswagen has announced that it will be working with autonomous vehicle sensor platform company LUMINAR to use its advanced LIDAR sensing technology in its fleet of self-driving cars currently being tested in Munich, Germany. The LIDAR unit is a preeminent piece in AID’s Autonomous Driving stack, because of its ability to see any object, known or unknown, moving or not, at a far distance and in any lighting condition.

Through the above, the importance of LIDAR is obvious. Autonomous Driving and Future Mobility 2019(Berlin, Germany, April 8-9)also focuses on LIDAR which include the topics of Applications in Radar, LIDAR and Camera, Attributes of next-generation camera and LIDAR with AI. More and more participants will be involved. This will be a professional brainstorming congress. You can click here to register now.

This event will be co-located with Connected Vehicle and HMI 2019 which means you have more opportunities to communicate with key players and we also have the very effective and freestyle networking sections to meet your customers.

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