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Toyota’s self-driving spin-off trials new HD mapping technology. Currently automated driving map development relies on highly expensive specialized mapping vehicles deployed in limited numbers, and a lengthy manual process for reliable HD map creation. Then, how to achieve automate HD map generation has a long way to go.

At Autonomous Driving and Future Mobility 2019(Berlin, Germany, April 8-9), we will discuss the topic of HD mapping technology. At the same time, key vendors will share Innovation trends of sensor fusion technology and Combine machine learning algorithms in sensor fusion. So you can get comprehensive knowledge at this event, please don’t hesitate to register now.

Only one month left before the event started. More start-up companies joins Autonomous Driving and Future Mobility 2019 to compete Top 10 Autonomous Vehicle Start up Award 2019. It will be very exciting. Till now, there are not many seats left. If you want to join us, click here to register this conference.

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