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Volvo launches world’s first full-size driverless bus in Singapore with the launch of the world’s first full-size self-driving electric bus. For navigation, the bus is equipped with lidar, stereo-vision cameras that capture images in 3D, and an advanced global navigation satellite system that uses real-time kinematics.This is a breakthrough in autonomous vehicle development.

This year, the topics of lidar, stereo-vision cameras and other autonomous vehicle technology will be discussed in Autonomous Driving and Future Mobility 2019 (Berlin, Germany, April 8-9). As we know, most of Autonomous vehicle technology has been focused by OEMs, Provider and Supplier. In this congress, you can get the latest information about these. Please don’t hesitate to register now.

Autonomous Driving and Future Mobility 2019 Agenda Preview
Day 1  Apr. 8, 2019  Monday Day 2  Apr. 9, 2019  Tuesday
Session 1: Perception System Innovation for Autonomous Driving Session 3: AI-based Future Mobility Model
Session 2: Deep Learning, Algorithm for Future Move Session 4:Trends of Venture Capital and Start-ups for Autonomous Driving & Future Mobility
Workshop A: Simulation and Functional Safety Methods for Autonomous Vehicle
Workshop B: Debates on Rights and Responsibilities: Driving Behavior Norms and Legislation

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