Central & Eastern Europe Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management Congress 2016  December 8-9 Sofia 

Join SE-RAW for the latest info of Kozloduy Unit 1-4

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Today, it’s our great honor to confirm State Enterprise for Radioactive Waste (SE RAW), the only decommission and waste management operator of Kozloduy Unit 1-4 to attend the Central & Eastern Europe Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management Congress 2016 as a speaker on Dec. 8-9, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Kozloduy Unit 1-4

2009 European Commission granted Bulgaria an Extra €300 million, bringing the overall compensation package to some €850 million

almost €120 million worth of contracts were signed under the KIDSF

·€22.5 million contract for the treatment of radioactive concentrates

·€30 million contract for a joint venture between Iberdrola Ingenieria y Construcion and Belgoprocess NV to supply a waste treatment and conditioning facility.
2013 A further €293 million was made available by the EU for units 1-4, with support continuing to 2020

SE RAW, who got the licenses for decommissioning of Units 1&2 in 2014, and the licenses for operation of Unit 3&4 as installation for management of radioactive waste in 2013, will bring you latest information of the decommissioning waste management of Kozloduy NPP Units 1-4.

Speaks from State Enterprise Radioactive Waste

 ♦ Mr. Momchil Kazakov, Chief Technologist, Special Division of "Decommissioning of 1-4 units", Nuclear decommissioning programme

 ♦ Mr. Georgi Razlojki, Deputy Director “Radioactive Waste Management and Decommissioning”, Radioactive waste management and Decommissioning

Can you offer to miss the first-hand information of Kozloduy NPP Units 1-4?

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Karen Zhou| World Nuclear Industry Congress (Africa, Turkey-MENA, India, UK, CEE, SEA) | SZ&W Group

Central & Eastern Europe Decommissioning & Waste Management Conference 2016, Dec 8-9, Sofia, Bulgaria
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