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Westinghouse, the global leading company in nuclear industry, announced that they will attend Central & Eastern Europe Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management 2016 in Novotel Sofia, Bulgaria, during Dec 8-9, 2016, to share their latest achievements in decommissioning projects.

Westinghouse holds a strong position within the waste disposal category in CEE region. In Bulgaria, Westinghouse has design experience of a national low- and intermediate-level waste repository on land adjacent to the Kozloduy NPP. Extensive involvement will lead to involve in Slovakia and Romania.

If your business is involved in the decommissioning projects in CEE region such as Bulgaria, Slovakia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Czech, etc, why not join us to networking with Westinghouse?
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Already attending in 2016
Ministry of Energy, Bulgaria/ State Enterprise Radioactive Waste, Bulgaria/ Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency (BNRA) / UJD SR, Slovakia/ Ignalina NPP, Lithuania/ IAEA/ EBRD/ European Commission/ Nuvia/ EnBW/ Fortum/ Belgoprocess / ENGIE-Tractebel Engineering/ UJV REZ/ ZTS VVU Kosice/ Tokyo Electric Power Company/ ANDRA…

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