Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

Auto industry is facing a big subversion. Autonomous car, smart mobility, NEV even more is shaping the future of urban moves.

Now main OEMs are pushing connectivity over the world, under this context, the event will discuss the progress of connected vehicle especially the smart interior: analyzing new generation UX, advanced design tool HMI, and emerging AI tech applications.

Welcome to join this advanced, creative and practical event to exploring advanced technologies &practical approaches to connected vehicle and OEMs’ applications in Europe. Let us witness the new lifecycle and ecosystem changes!

Best regards,
Organizing Committee of Connected Vehicle and HMI 2019


Session 1: Development of Connected Vehicle and Changes of Customer Demands

  • Review on Worldwide Connected Vehicle Development
  • The Changes of Connected Interior Design
  • AI for Driving Experience Upgrade: Intelligent and Comfort
  • In the Electrification Times, Designing for Connected EV Users
  • Overall User Interaction with Connected Vehicle under Current
           R&D Situation
  • Ice-breaking

  • Session 2: Optimum Proposal on UI&UX Design

  • From Driver's View, how to Make User Experience Better in Next
           Generation Cockpit
  • UX & Service Design Solutions for In-vehicle Infotainment Upgrading
  • Leveraging VR&AR Evaluates HMI Design
  • UX for Flexible and Diverse User Interfaces
  • How to Apply AR in Autonomous Driving
  • Higher Speed Communication-5G Makes Telematics More Faster
           and Responsive
  • Interaction Session: Challenge Speakers
  • The End of Day One Conference & Chairman’s Remarks

  • Session 3: HMI & Perception like Gesture, Voice

  • UX – Voice, Gesture and Motion Ready for user Interface
  • Voice Recognition, Gesture Recognition Technology on Automotive
  • Control System Challenges in Voice Assistants and Gesture
  • Voice Personal Design Case Study

  • Session 4: Intelligent Driving and Connected Vehicle in China

  • Leading Players in China are Making Virtual to Reality
  • The Progress of Infrastructure Building for Intelligent-connected
           Vehicle in China
  • Usage of intelligent-connected in Chinese Market like Sharing Mobility
  • The Actions of Local Start-ups from China

  • Session 5: Cybersecurity Regulations and Solutions for Connected Vehicle

  • Current Cybersecurity Risks for Connected Vehicles
  • Progress of European Cybersecurity Certification Schemes
  • Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions to Keep Safety and Protect
           Privacy in Connected Cars
  • Panel Discussion: How to enhance Cybersecurity for future
           connected vehicle?
  • The End of the 2-Day Conference & Chairman’s Closing Remarks


  • Regulators
  • OEMs
  • Component Supplier
  • Software Provider
  • Hardware/Smart Hardware Provider
  • Sensor/Chip Provider
  • Mapping/Locating Service Provider
  • Electronics Engineering Solutions Provider
  • CAE/CAX Simulation Software Companies
  • Technology Consultant and Server