Why Sponsor

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  • High-level professional convention
  • 2 VIP free pass and pre-registered delegates
  • More exposure times
  • Deeper involvement options

To Be Sponsor

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  • 30-minute Keynote Speech opportunity to show your superiority to peers if you
         were a presentation sponsor.
  • Two days products or brand show time if you were an exhibition sponsor. Each
         exhibition partner will have a 3*2 m2 or 3*3m2 booth in the networking area directly.
         This is also where the majority of networking sessions will take place, providing the
         perfect place to host additional meetings and showcase your latest market solutions
         in an informal atmosphere.
  • We welcome you to be our strategy partner.
  • To be Sponsor for Workshop or Seminar to obtain more chances 1V1 communicating
         with OEMs
  • To be roundtable leader or chairman: host one or two-day interactive roundtables. Facilitate
         the discussion and get close to IIOT challenges.
  • Tea Break /Lanyard/Notebook Sponsor……
  • Product Launch facing to OEMs/T1
  • Sponsor organizing OEM meet-and-greet
  • 1on1 networking
  • Opening more opportunities