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  • Authoritative interpretation of The Chinese Government's "Foreign Investment Law", "Law Countering Unfair Competition" and” Cyber security Law”
  • Authoritative Discussion of Global Anti-Bribery, FCPA and GDPR Latest Case Study
  • The impact of China-US trade war on corporate compliance
  • One Belt and One Road: Analysis of Cross-border Business Compliance Cases in the EnvironmentOf China-US Trade Friction
  • “Bring In”: foreign companies in China
  • Difficulties and implementation in the construction of an intercultural compliance system
  • What are the “must-have” soft skills for legal and compliance officers?
  • Establish an internal corporate compliance management system
  • Data security, cross-border transport, data compliance solutions
  • Compliance technology, is your corporate compliance technology out of date?
  • Third-Party Due Diligence, the most profitable solutions
  • Benchmarking: A large number of cases help you say goodbye to the “perfunctory” compliance

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