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Day 1
Mar. 30
Plenary Session
· Analysis of Chinese CSP policy trend
· Warm up – Chinese CSP begin to boom
· Take a glimpse of the world
· A new path for CSP technologies
Day 2
Mar. 31
CSP in electricity generation (Room A)
· A Helping Hand From Capital Market
· Suggestions From World EPCs
· Technology Innovation Driving CSP
Upward and Forward
· CSP/PV、CSP/Coal、CSP/Gas Work Together
Solar thermal industrial application (Room B)
· Chinese market of solar thermal industrial application
· CSP technologies in other fields
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 ♦ Analyze FiT Policy Trend and Future Deployment of CSP Market in China.
 ♦ Updates of Major CSP Projects in China and Other Emerging Markets
 ♦ Share CSP Project Financing Experience and Facilitate Industrial Capital Inflows
 ♦ CSP Efficiency Promotion and Cost Reduction by Technology Upgrading and Innovation
 ♦ Solar Thermal Industrial Application---A New Growth Pole for CSP Industry Players?

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