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Sept. 29, 2015
Day One
 ♦ Look at CSP Policy Framework in MENA Region
 ♦ CSP Pipelines in MENA
Sept. 30, 2015
Day Two
 ♦ How to Make CSP Bankable in MENA   
 ♦ Alternative Application for Solar Thermal
 ♦ Market Threshold of CSP in MENA
 ♦ Cost Reduction with Chinese Suppliers
 ♦ Technology Breakthroughs Leading CSP forward
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 ♦ Hearing the freshest ideas from 25+ senior industry expert speakers’ strategic insights, case studies and practical insights globally
 ♦ Joining in 150+ CSP players from whole industry chain organizations and companies, enjoying high level peer-to-peer networking
 ♦ Offering the full spectrum of information and outlook of CSP development in MENA, facilitating to solve puzzles and clear minds
 ♦ Unearthing the prospects and potential business opportunities in MENA CSP booming time
 ♦ Identifying and collaborating with key value chain partners to exploit the new business opportunities
 ♦ Showcasing and exhibiting the most advanced technologies and products for performance optimization
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