Event Background

    Digital Times is coming. The 13th Five-Year Plan put forward,” Implementation of the national big data strategy, promote data resources opening and sharing”. Big data is becoming the driven power of social economics. Automotive industry is transforming from all aspects in such atmosphere. New technologies have changed the future mobility: intelligent, connected, autonomous……digitalization and big data is playing a more and more important role.

    Consumption escalated the development of big data. Meanwhile, in January, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China printed The Development Path of Big Data 2016-2020. It points out,Implementing the national big data strategy to better serve social and economic development and improve people's lives should be accelerated.

    Digitalization has become a big focus in the future several years and it has changed the whole automotive industry chain also in digital times. We are facing how to adopt the changes brought by digitalization.

Agenda Overview

    This unique event follows the Irreversible trends in the big data era and designed with a combination with the hottest spots under the new automotive industry. This event will gather leading experts from domestic and overseas, discussing the revolution of the automotive industry and feasible solutions for new mobility choices. Taking away the practical experiences and necessary steps analysis to drive your strategies capitalizes on the transformational growth of Intelligent-connected car industry.

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