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Event at a Glance

Session 1: Exploring African Dairy Sector: New Initiatives and Opportunities
Session 2: Enhancing Infrastructure Support for African Dairy Industry
Session 3: Ensure Milk Quality and Safety in Africa
Sub-Forum A:Dairy Farming Sub-Forum B:Dairy Processing and Marketing
Session 4A: Productivity-Driven Dairy Farming Solutions to Increase Milk Yields
Session 5A: Dairy Farming Servicesto Support Smallholder Dairy Farmers
Session 6A: Sustainable Dairy Farm Development Strategy
Session 4B: Emerging Dairy Processing Technologies for New and Upgrading Plants
Session 5B: Consumer-Driven Dairy Innovation and Trends
Session 6B: Updates on African Dairy Industry Trade Trends
Session 7B: Updating Consumer Perspectives & Marketing Landscape

Gain First –Hand Insight into key Issues

Outlook of African dairy initiatives in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Ghana.
Seeking Chilling, Logistics and Infrastructure Solutions to Support African Milk Industry.
Gather Innovative Dairy Farming Technologies to Help Increase African Milk Productivity and Yields.
Pursuing Financial, Training and Transportation Service Support for African Smallholders.
Sustainable Dairy Farm Development Strategy in Africa and Global.
Suitable Dairy Processing Technology and Equipments for African New-build and Upgrading Facilities.
Consumer-Driven Dairy Innovation Trends for Growth in African Dairy Market.
Dairy Trade and Marketing Trends in Africa and Global.

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