The milk industry in Nigeria is very lucrative (or should I say it is highly profitable) even though the starting capital may be high, if you are really determined, you can make it happen. Most investors or banks are only willing to give out loans to those who have been into the business for some years and have started production. If you start your own dairy farm today and you learn how to rear a cow or goat, the diseases affecting the cattle or goats, the time it takes a cow or goat to become pregnant and give birth, the types of breeds that are good for production of milk or for meat or whatever you intend using them for; when you decide to start the farm, you will learn about this things and when you have fully known all about them, you can then decide to start a very large commercial dairy farm.

Steps in Starting a Dairy Farm in Nigeria
1.  Identify the type of animal you want to start with: this could be cow farm or goats farm
2.  Learn about the animals such as their diseases, their breeds, their feeding, their care, their drugs, how do cows produce milk and many more
3.  Start by rearing two of the animals to see how you can properly manage the farm.This will give you experience since you are starting out
4.  When you successfully complete a year, you must have learn a lot about the animals
5.  You can then start getting little amounts of their products and try out on how to market your products with your locality and see how you could get people to buy.
6.  If you become successful, then add a small number of the animals again like making them to be total of 5 or 10 now and repeat the process. Once you are comfortable, that is when you can approach investors or banks or you may just decide for your dairy farm to grow organically instead of needing help from banks or investors that reduces the equity of your business.

Challenges of starting a Dairy Farm
1. The cows or goats may fall sick
2. The may die
3. Theft and security
4. Lighting or source of power
5. Feeding
6. Drugs and supplements may be expensive
7. Marketing

With just 30 days to go until the 3rd Global Dairy Congress Africa 2018, March 27-28, 2018 takes place in Nairobi, Kenya.


Our sponsors、speakers and global attendees know that the key to a successful experience at 3rd Global Dairy Congress Africa 2018 is to stay on-site. It’s the most convenient way to access the entire agenda—allowing you to maximise networking opportunities.

Event at a Glance

Session 1: Exploring African Dairy Sector: New Initiatives and Opportunities
Session 2: Enhancing Infrastructure Support for African Dairy Industry
Session 3: Ensure Milk Quality and Safety in Africa
Sub-Forum A:Dairy Farming Sub-Forum B:Dairy Processing and Marketing
Session 4A: Productivity-Driven Dairy Farming Solutions to Increase Milk Yields
Session 4B: Emerging Dairy Processing Technologies for New and Upgrading Plants
Session 5B: Consumer-Driven Dairy Innovation and Trends
Session 5A: Dairy Farming Servicesto Support Smallholder Dairy Farmers
Session 6A: Sustainable Dairy Farm Development Strategy
Session 6B: Updates on African Dairy Industry Trade Trends
Session 7B: Updating Consumer Perspectives & Marketing Landscape

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