Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

It my great pleasure to welcome you to attend 6th Global Dairy Congress Asia 2020, which will be held on June 4-5, 2020 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Facing these market conditions, the world's leading dairy producers and dairy-related companies are gradually shifting their focus to the Asia market. The booming market also provide an attractive opportunity for developing Asian nations to further consolidate the gains by investing in measures to enhance dairy productivity, quality and market access. It is imperative for regional dairy farmers to be equipped with the necessary skills and tools to improve local milk yield and meet the market demand. Meanwhile, to be able to cater to consumer product demand, dairy companies that are operating in the multi-ethnic composition Asia market need to consider different market trends, developments as well as consumption habits from country to country.

It is against this background, the 6th Global Dairy Congress Asia 2020,Organized by SZ&W Group and related industry authorities, will be held on June 4th &5th, 2020 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The conference will share the latest dairy policy update in regional market, new business model, cutting edge technologies and equipment and their application on industry value chain (farm management, dairy processing, product innovations, etc.) and explore potential opportunities in dairy markets in Asia.

I look forward to your participation in 6th Global Dairy Congress Asia 2020.

Best Regards,
Organizing Committee of 6th Global Dairy Congress Asia 2020

Agenda at A Glance

June 4, 2020

Session 1 Global Dairy Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges Session 2 Regional Overview: Current Situation and Investment Opportunities of Asia Countries
Session 3 Asian Dairy Industry Trade Trends and Opportunities
Session 4 Accelerating Sustainable Dairy Farm Development in Asia

June 5, 2020

Session 5 Upgrading Dairy Processing Technologies for Asian Dairy Enterprises
Session 6 Challenges and Solutions for Quality and Supply Chain
Session 7 Asian Latest Consumer Trends and Product Innovation

In the event brochure, you will know the 2-day conference this year will more focus on the progress of Asia Dairy Projects.