Innovation in dairy is often associated with milk. Traditionally, dairy innovation was about milk enhanced with flavors and ingredients (including sugar) to produce products that tasted good, and even had a combination of better-for-you and indulgence at the same time. While times have changed. How do brands innovate with dairy?

A combination of understanding the value of nutrients in dairy, health and wellness trends, and flavor innovation will spur ideation and create success within dairy.

Innovation or renovation ? What matters really to consumers?
Innovation – what type?
Major consumers trends driving innovation
Innovation what are consumers saying about it?
Innovation strategy – recognized elements to get it right
Innovation strategy from theory to practice
In dairy, what is expected from consumers?
In Russia, what could be some elements to be considered?

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In last year on the Global Dairy Congress Russia 2018 congress, Olivier J. Vavasseur, Board Member, Managing Director, Head of International Markets of DMK Baby GmbH / Humana delivered a success speech of Dairy Product Innovation for Russian Consumers, you can click here to request for full presentation.

Global Dairy Congress back to Russia this year to grasp investment, upgrading and trading opportunities for Russian dairy industry at 2nd Global Dairy Congress Russia 2019 (Oct. 15-16 | Moscow, Russia). You can enjoy hot topics from below:

Session 1 Landscape of Russian Dairy Industry: Road Ahead
Session 2 Exploring Dairy Investment Opportunities in Russia
Session 3 Upgrading Russian Dairy Enterprises: Advanced Digital Measures
Session 4 Win-Win Dairy Trade Modes with Russia
Session 5 Tracking Consumer Preference in Russia and Global Dairy Markets
Session 6 Shifting Dairy Quality Requirements and Traceability Solutions
Session 7 Aspiring New Dairy Catalogues for Russian Consumers
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Global Series Dairy Congress Upcoming:
4th Global Dairy Congress Africa 2019, Abuja, Nigeria, July 4-5th, 2019
2nd Global Dairy Congress Russia 2019, Moscow, Russia, Oct.15-16, 2019
4th Global Dairy Innovation Congress MENA 2020, Dubai, UAE, Jan.20-21st,2020

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