Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome you to attend the 3rd Global Dairy Innovation Congress MENA 2019, which will be held in Dubai, UAE during January 28-29, 2019.

MENA is an important dairy growth market, given its strong per capita dairy consumption, promising economic prospects, rising population and young-skewing demographics.

Consumption preference has been changed from traditional dairy products to variety new options, as MENA consumers are more informed, influential and tech-savvy and have high food expectations. Digital solutions are encouraged to help revolutionize MENA milk producing and processing.

3rd Global Dairy Innovation Congress MENA 2019 is the only event platform for local and international dairy stakeholders to grasp MENA countries’ market opportunities, dairy product demands and preference, channel and trade strategies, novel farming & processing technologies, together with innovative dairy products showcase to enhance business growth in MENA.

I look forward to your participation in 3rd Global Dairy Innovation Congress MENA 2019 event.

Best Regards,
Organizing Committee of 3rd Global Dairy Innovation Congress MENA 2019

Agenda at A Glance

Jan. 28th

  • Session 1 Landscape of Dairy Opportunities and Trends in MENA
  • Session 2 Navigating MENA Dairy Demand and Preference
  • Session 3 Exploring Channel and Trade Strategies for MENA Market
  • Jan. 29th

  • Session 4: Powering Local Milk Production: Advanced Digital Farm Measures
  • Session 5: Aspiring Growth and Advantage: Latest Dairy Processing Technologies
  • Session 6: Tracking Dairy Products Innovation: New Options for MENA Dairy Lovers
  • In the event brochure, you will know the 2-day conference this year will more focus on the progress of Middle East and Northern Africa Dairy Projects.