Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

It my great pleasure to welcome you to attend 4th Global Dairy Innovation Congress & Awards MENA 2020, which will be held on January 20-21, 2020 in Dubai, UAE.

Dairy consumption, across the world, has been increasing, with fresh dairy products and processed dairy products expected to grow at 2.1% per annum and 1.7% per annum respectively in the forecast period of 2019-2024. The MENA region is the second-largest dairy importing region in the world and relies heavily on dairy imports. At the same time, with the improvement of health and wellness, the dairy products tend to be more diversified and the market is becoming more and more competitive. Under this condition, innovation is an important driving force and the core business of many dairy enterprises.

4th Global Dairy Innovation Congress & Awards MENA 2020 is the only event platform focused on dairy in MENA for 150+ regional and international dairy community to gain first-hand information on MENA countries’ market opportunities, dairy product demands and preference, technology and product innovation showcase to generate more business opportunities.

I look forward to your participation in 4th Global Dairy Innovation Congress & Awards MENA 2020.

Best Regards,
Organizing Committee of 4th Global Dairy Innovation Congress & Awards MENA 2020

Agenda at A Glance

Jan. 20th

  • Session One Opportunities and Trends of MENA Dairy Industry
  • Session Two 2020 Annual Innovation Awards Ceremony
  • Session Three Modernized Sustainable Dairy Farm Management in MENA
  • Session Four Latest Dairy Processing Technologies Innovation and Application
  • Jan. 21th

  • Session Five New Trends of MENA Market Competition and Consumer Preference
  • Session Six Exploring Products Innovation to Meet the Consumer Needs
  • Session Seven Improvement of Supply Chain and Quality
  • In the event brochure, you will know the 2-day conference this year will more focus on the progress of Middle East and Northern Africa Dairy Projects.