Event Background

    There are many new trends rising to disrupt global health insurance industry, and among them 5 ones should be paid close attention to- the chronic disease crisis, the move to outcomes and value, M-health technologies & digital health, the big data revolution, and customer centricity.

    It’s anticipated that the Asia Pacific health insurance market will grow at the CAGR of 18.3% for 2016-2020 to $193.8 billion. And it’s forecasted that the gross written premium among private payers in this region will grow at 16% p.a. to 2025. For now, the health protection gap in Asia is estimated around USD 1.8 trillion.

    Among all the countries in the region, HK, Mainland China, and Singapore have been chosen as the top 3 “most interested markets”. While Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia also have begun to attract more attention.

    Although ranked as the most potential market in the world, APAC still faces many problems and challenges, such as high healthcare cost inflation & rising claims costs, relatively slow in digital transformation and innovation, fragmented markets & underdeveloped regulatory frameworks, intense competition, lack of access to data, low customer awareness & penetration, and etc.

    Under the theme of “Health Insurance Industry Innovation for Health, Wellness and Value”, the 2nd Health Insurance Innovation Congress Asia Pacific 2019 (September 18-19, HK) is designed to be a must-attend annual gathering in Asia Pacific focusing on “innovation” for global, regional and local health insurance industry players to share and discuss the latest trends and innovative practices.

Key topics

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    ♦ Global New Trends in Health Insurance Industry
    ♦ APAC Health Insurance Status and Prospects
    ♦ APAC Innovations in Health Insurance Industry
    ♦ VHIS and Health Insurance Innovation Initiatives in HK
    ♦ Healthcare Reform and Health Insurance Innovation in China
    ♦ Combing Social and Commercial Health Insurance for Better Coverage and Protection
    ♦ How to Develop and Innovate in the Fragmented APAC Market
    ♦ Opportunities & Challenges in APAC Health Insurance Industry
    ♦ Healthcare Innovations, Virtual & Digital Health
    ♦ Value-Based Health
    ♦ New Partnerships among Health Stakeholders
    ♦ Cost Containment & Quality Health
    ♦ Health Insurance Products Innovation: Moving to Health, Wellness and Value
    ♦ Health Management + Healthcare + Insurance
    ♦ Critical Disease Management
    ♦ Diversification in Health Insurance Products
    ♦ InsurTech and Its Impacts on Health Insurance
    ♦ How Big Data, Analytics & AI Enable Health Insurance Industry Innovation
    ♦ Blockchain, Genetech
    ♦ Digitalization in Health Insurance
    ♦ Mobile Trends in Health Insurance
    ♦ Customer Centric Tends & Seamless Experience
    ♦ ...

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