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Key Topics

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    An Outlook on Health Insurance Market under New Medical Reform Policies

  • Interpretation of new medical reform policies
  • Basic medical insurance + commercial health insurance
  • Risk identification and management of health insurance
  • Insurance companies’ layout in massive health industry
  • Transformation: from a passive payer to an active manager
  • On Medical Cost Control: Payment Reform and Medical Cost Management

  • DRGs
  • Hierarchical Medical System
  • Managed care
  • PBM
  • Public hospital reform
  • Health Insurance Product Innovation and Cooperation Model Exploration

  • America health insurance
  • Medical liability insurance + medical accident insurance
  • Deep cooperation between insurers and hospitals
  • Doctor group
  • Internet medical services and health insurance
  • The Disruptive Forces of Technologies and Services for Health Insurance

  • Medical big data
  • Mobile health care
  • Blockchain and Health Insurance
  • AI + big data
  • Customer acquisition + underwriting + claims

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