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    In 2018, new blockchain initiatives are launched every day.With many projects set to release a working product or application, and a likely flood of newly converted institutional money. However, this exponentially growing market will continue to strongly highlight whether Blockchains can or could support a decentralised world.

    The amount of venture capital fundraising for Blockchain-based companies so far in 2018 has already reached more than 40 percent of last year’s total, according to a report released by Crunchbase News on Feb. 27.By looking at a graph of all of the venture investments this year in “Blockchain and Blockchain-Adjacent Startups,” excluding ICOs, Crunchbase found that the spikes and drops of Bitcoin’s price since Jan. 2018 had not prevented venture investment from steadily increasing.This market is still hot.

    Now the question is, how to select a project to invest?

    So this time, come with DAIBC and join our Blockchain Project Showcases on Sep 27th-28thin Malaysia!

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