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Insurance companies aren’t exactly well-known for being innovative. It’s for a reason, too — with troves of sensitive data and loads of critical processes running at any time, they have to be careful with implementing new ways of working.

But the times are changing. Lots of companies have been changing their ways to offer their customers a better experience, and this has made them expect more from other services too. It’s not enough for businesses to offer the same services as they have for years — instead, they’ll need technological innovation to stay on top in an increasingly competitive market.

Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019(June 26-27th, HK)is so honor to confirm the participation of Tony Chan, Associate Director, Policy and Development, Insurance Authority, HK.Mr. Tony Chan will share a  topic on Embracing Technology for Value Creation in the Insurance Industry ”. You can join us to having this audio-visual feast together with other industry leaders.
亚太保险大数据分析与人工智能创新国际峰会(6月26-27日 | 香港)特别邀请到香港保险业监管局政策及发展部副总监——陈慎雄。 陈慎雄先生将为我们分享 保险业拥抱科技创造价值”话题。赶紧加入我们与行业领军者一起享受这场视听盛宴!

Mr Chan is currently the Associate Director, Policy and Development Division of the Insurance Authority, Hong Kong. Mr Chan is in charge of policy initiatives in regulatory reforms, currently focusing on development of Risk-based Capital Regime for Hong Kong and preparation of enabling legislation for Policyholders Protection Scheme; Group-Wide Supervision; and Insurance-Linked Securities.  Mr Chan also coordinates with international bodies and handles Mainland affairs.

Part of Recently Confirmed Speakers:部分最近已确认演讲嘉宾
♦ Mr. Tony Chan, Associate Director, Policy and Development, Insurance Authority, HK
♦ Mr. Jac J. Amerell, Vice President and Enterprise Controller, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
♦ Ms. Tan Bin Ru, Chief Executive Officer, OneConnect Financial Technology, Ping An Group
♦ Mr. Dipak Sahoo, Regional Head of IT, Generali Asia
♦ Mr. Aleem Lakhani, Executive Vice President, Specialty Risk, AmTrust Financial
♦ Dr. Yuhui Yao, Group Vice President, Head of Customer Analytics and Behavioral Insights, FWD Group
♦ Ms. Laura Cao, Vice President and Chief Analytics Officer, Asia, Manulife (Panelist)
♦ Mr. Ritesh Sarda, Chief Information Officer, Sunlife Financial Hong Kong
♦ Mr. Ashok Krishnan, Chief Data Officer and Head of Customer Experience, AXA HK
♦ Mr. Bilal Parviz, Vice President of Product Development, Arch Mortgage Insurance
♦ Ms. Alessandra Chiuderi, Group Head of Analytics Solutions Centre, Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A.
♦ Mr. Franklin So, Head of Data & Analytics CoE, Asia, Sun Life Financial
Franklin So, 亚洲数据与分析中心主管,永明金融集团

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2019年第三届中国健康保险业创新国际峰会暨颁奖典礼, 4月24-25日,中国上海

Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019 ,June 26-27, HK

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