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Different from AI, Augmented Intelligence is a technology that builds on the potential of artificial intelligence by using computing power to address some of the biggest challenges the world is facing and to help turn organizations into insights-driven firms.

A research in 2018 revealed that 83% of top tier banks have evaluated AI and more than two-thirds are already using it., predicted that 2019 will be the year that sees the rise of Augmented Intelligence. So where is it will be going to help more effectively than Artificial Intelligence? What are the advantages?

Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019(June 26-27th, HK)sets a topic around as Rise of Enterprise Intelligence from Artificial to Augmented to discuss the hot issue in insurance industry. Ritesh Sarda, Chief Information Officer of Sunlife Financial Hong Kong will be the guest speaker on this topic. Let’s wait and see!
亚太保险大数据分析与人工智能创新国际峰会(6月26-27日 | 香港)设置了一个关于“企业智能的兴起:从人工智能到增强智能”的话题来讨论保险行业的热点问题。香港永明金融首席信息官——瑞提什·萨尔达将作为此话题的特约演讲嘉宾,让我们拭目以待!

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IIC Upcoming Event IIC近期会议
4th Insurance Innovation Congress & “Insurance Innovator” Awards China 2019, March 19-20th , Shanghai, China  
2019年第四届中国保险业创新国际峰会暨“保险创新者”颁奖典礼, 3月19-20日,中国上海
3rd Health Insurance Innovation Congress & Awards China 2019, April 24-25th , Shanghai, China 
2019年第三届中国健康保险业创新国际峰会暨颁奖典礼, 4月24-25日,中国上海

Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019 ,June 26-27, HK

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