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Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019 will be held in Hong Kong from June 26-27th. Welcome to consult! 10 limited discount tickets to save $300-400! “First Come, First Serve”!

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Recently,SCOR Global Life, a division of the France-headquartered reinsurer has partnered with wearable technology provider Garmin Health in the Asia Pacific region on health insights. By analysing the health metrics generated by Garmin’s wearable devices enables SCOR to enhance its Biological Age Model (BAM) and build a more accurate assessment of an individual’s biological age.

Combining the health data from Garmin wearables with the analytical capabilities of BAM creates a powerful solution for both insurance companies and their customers, minimizing their risk and purchase cycles while delivery competitive pricing.

Insurance enterprises need to strengthen customer satisfaction and control cost through AI & Machine Learning Technologies and Solutions with Advanced Data Science. How to transform into an analytics-driven insurance carrier with the adoption of AI will be the focus of Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019.

Mr Vincent Shi, Managing Director, GDS Asia of Scor with Mr. Joern Watzke, Director Garmin Health Global Sales of Garmin will attend Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019 as eminent speakers to share their rich experience on ‘Embracing the Shift towards Dynamic Underwriting with Wearables’.
法国再保险全球分销方案亚洲总经理Vincent Shi与Garmin全球健康业务总监约恩·瓦茨克先生将出席2019亚太保险大数据分析与人工智能创新国际峰会并对“拥抱向动态核保的转变-可穿戴设备的价值” 展开分享。

You are welcome to join in Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019 (June 26-27, HK) to explore innovation thinking, valuable experience and useful references of advanced data science, AI & machine learning technologies and solutions together with SCOR and other global leading companies.

For celebrating International Workers' Day, we specially offer 10 limited discount ticket, which you can save US$300-$400 to access our Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019/June 26-27, HK. The promotional tickets are based on the “First Come, First Serve” policy.  Please Sign up as soon as possible!
为庆祝五一黄金周,亚太保险大数据分析与人工智能创新国际峰会组委会提供10张限量优惠券,可享$300-$400美元优惠折扣! 先到先得!立刻注册吧!
IIC Upcoming Event IIC近期会议
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2019年第三届中国健康保险业创新国际峰会暨颁奖典礼, 4月24-25日,中国上海

Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019 ,June 26-27, HK
3rd InsurTech Innovation Congress China 2019, September 24-25th|Beijing, China
2nd Health Insurance Innovation Congress Asia Pacific 2019, September 18-19th| HK
2019 第二届亚太健康保险业创新国际峰会,9月18-19 | 香港
2nd Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation China 2020, January | Shanghai, China
World Health Insurance Innovation Congress 2020, January | London, UK

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