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Last few days, a breaking news attracting industry eyeballs in insurance and technology:
AXA Hong Kong cooperated with The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and Oxford VR (OVR) and have signed a first a first-of-its-kind agreement to pilot a groundbreaking automated immersive therapy using virtual reality (VR) for mental health in Asia.
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In Asia, it is difficult to meet the demand of mental health resulting from the lack of health resources, professionals and imperfect health knowledge. Now, with the cross-industry support of VR technology, it can give play to its unique advantages to cope with these existing challenges. Moreover, compared to the traditional pills, digital tools have fewer side effects and the ability to scale. AXA Hong Kong has planned to bring the technology to market and improve customer experience in insurance.

Wanne know how AXA HK use AI technology innovation in the improvement of customer experience and experience sharing? Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019 (Jun,26-27|HK) is honored to invite Ashok Krishnan, Chief Data Officer and Head of Customer Experience, AXA HK as SPEAKER, and specially sets a session” Precision Services and Customer Experience in Insurance”. Come and join with these industry leaders at the scene to discuss the hot topics and sharing your original viewpoint!
想要了解安盛对于人工智能技术在提升客户体验的技术创新与经验分享嘛?2019亚太保险大数据分析与人工智能创新国际峰会 (6月26-27|香港)有幸邀请到安盛集团首席数据官&客户体验主管—阿肖克·克里希南。并专门设计了系列话题“保险业中的精准服务与客户体验”。快来加入我们一起在现场与这些业内顶尖人士学习,探讨行业热点!

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IIC Upcoming Event IIC近期会议
♦  Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019, June 26-27th, HK 2019
     亚太保险大数据分析与人工智能创新国际峰会,6月26-27日 | 香港

♦  3rd InsurTech Innovation Congress China 2019, September 24-25th|Beijing, China
♦  2nd Health Insurance Innovation Congress Asia Pacific 2019, September 18-19th| HK
     2019 第二届亚太健康保险业创新国际峰会,9月18-19 | 香港
♦  2nd Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation China 2020, January 8-9 | Shanghai, China
♦  World Health Insurance Innovation Congress 2020, January 15-16| London, UK

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