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Leading AI firm DataRobot has announced recently a strategic cooperation partnership with Infomatica which will see them working together to drive uptake and development of AI across different industries.

This partnership announcement of DataRobot is much-anticipated which will integrate Informatica’s big data management solutions into DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform, simplifying their shared customers’ access to relevant data sets when developing their own AI and machine learning models. For nowadays data driven insurance value chain, the growing maturity of AI has enabled insurance analytics for better development and it will help insurers to maximize the values of their data asset and improve their overall business performance and profits.
DataRobot的这项合作声明备受期待,它将把Informatica的大数据管理解决方案集成到自己的的自动化机器学习平台中, 在开发自己的人工智能和机器学习模型时,简化共享客户对相关数据集的访问。这对于如今数据驱动的保险业来说,将很大程度上推动人工智能发展,帮助保险公司最大化其数据资产的价值,并提高他们的整体业务表现和利润。

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Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019
(Jun,26-27|HK) is designed to be a must-attend annual gathering in Asia Pacific focusing on “insurance analytics and AI” for global and regional insurance industry players to share and discuss how data analytics and AI reshape the whole insurance value chain.
2019亚太保险大数据分析与人工智能创新国际峰会(6月26-27 |香港 )是亚太地区最具影响力的保险大数据分析与人工智能创新年度盛会。峰会将汇聚全球和亚太地区保险业专家、学者共同分享和探讨数据分析与人工智能如何重塑保险全价值链。

With the strongly support of Velocity Business Solutions, KPMG, Automation Anywhere, Garmin, Scor, Telematicus, Comarch, EPAM Systems, so far, there are more than 300+ attendees and 100+ in(re)surance enterprises gathering at the scene, the Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019(Jun,26-27|HK) is entering into the last 30 days! You are welcome to networking with industry bosses discussing latest industry topics and sharing strategic plans.
Velocity Business Solutions, KPMG, Automation Anywhere, Garmin, Scor, Telematicus, Comarch, EPAM Systems等公司打大力支持下,目前已有300余参会嘉宾,超过100家保险/再保险公司报名,2019亚太保险大数据分析与人工智能创新国际峰会(6月26-27 |香港 )已正式进入最后30天倒计时!欢迎加入与行业大佬共同探讨行业热点分享战略计划。
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>>AXA explore in mental health using AI technology 安盛利用人工智能技术在心理健康方面尝试新探索
>>SCOR partnered with Garmin:combine health data with BAM’s analytical capabilities in Wearables 法国再保险公司与Garmin达成合作: BAM模型分析能力与健康数据在可穿戴设备中的结合
>>Associate Director, Policy and Development of Insurance Authority discusses Embracing Technology for Value Creation in the Insurance Industry 香港保险业监管局政策及发展部副总监谈保险业拥抱科技创造价值

IIC Upcoming Event IIC近期会议
♦  Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2019, June 26-27th, HK 2019
     亚太保险大数据分析与人工智能创新国际峰会,6月26-27日 | 香港

♦  3rd InsurTech Innovation Congress China 2019, September 24-25th|Beijing, China
♦  2nd Health Insurance Innovation Congress Asia Pacific 2019, September 18-19th| HK
     2019 第二届亚太健康保险业创新国际峰会,9月18-19 | 香港
♦  2nd Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation China 2020, January 8-9 | Shanghai, China
♦  World Health Insurance Innovation Congress 2020, January 15-16| London, UK

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