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Asia Pacific (APAC) market is expected to grow at high CAGR owing to the increased adoption of automation and huge opportunities across industries in the APAC countries.In the past few years, advances in technology, data, and analytics have been accelerating the fundamental reshaping of insurers’ cost structures.Insurance Industry encounters huge challenges in the new reality of climate change, covid-19 impact, and environmental disruption. In the future, with the rapid development of analytics, AI and other insurance technologies, insurance will be transformed significantly over the next decade amid changes in society, demographics and customer demand.

·    What effect did the pandemic have on the insurance industry in the APAC countries?
·    What are the new developments in the insurtech ecosystem?
·    What do consumers need in the current situation?
·    What do insurers need to prepare for in response to changes and offer a roadmap for IT planning and
·    What changes will the digital transformation bring forth?

All these issues will be thoroughly examined by renowned institutional representatives and top officers and CEO and C-Suits executives and experts from insurers, reinsurers, insurtech, IT vendor market and insurance ecosystem partners in 2nd Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2022 for business communication.

2nd Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2022 is designed to be a must-attend annual gathering in Asia Pacific focusing on “insurance analytics and AI” for global and regional insurance industry players to share and discuss how data analytics and AI reshape the whole insurance value chain.

I am looking forward to meeting you at the event!

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Organizing Committee of 2nd Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2022

Event at a Glance


Session 1: Regulatory Compliance Challenge and Driver to Insurers’ Growth

Session 2: Developing Digital Insurance Ecosystems


Session 3: Cases of International Insurers: Digital Journey & Data Culture

Session 4: InsurTech Product Pitches


Session5: AI & Data analytics Enable Insurance Value Chain


Session 6: InsurTech Update & Innovative High-Tech Adoption

Session 7: Digital Transformation & Privacy


Regulatory Compliance challenge and driver to Insurers’ Growth 
Developing digital insurance ecosystems
Uses cases of international insurers: digital journey & data culture
Transformation cost management: what investment is right?
Culture change, the human factor and the insurance value chain 
Precision marketing and customer management
Distribution of insurance, super apps and embedded selling
Customer-first Insurance-- the impact & challenges of insurance-as-a-service 
Risk management with data analytics and AI
Automated underwriting and real-time claims processing  
Chatbots & AI: what automation can insurers implement to serve the customer better
InsurTech and HealthTech update & Innovative high-tech adoption
Maximize the Values of Insurance Analytics and AI
Cloud migration, a look at hybrid models
Open insurance and the API economy
Data privacy and cyber security
The new role of insurance agencies and brokers and in the insurance ecosystem development of omni-channel customer approach  
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