Positioning & Vision

    Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Europe 2020 is a must-attend global serial event focusing on “insurance analytics and AI innovation” for regional and global insurance industry players to share and discuss how data analytics and AI reshape the entire insurance value chain. In two day meeting, you will gain the latest innovations and trends in insurance product development, marketing and business strategy, underwriting and claims, as well as customer experience and engagement. We offer plenty of live use cases to generate real value and take your business to the next level.

    This summit will attract more than 300 participants from all over the world. Among them, 200 + guests will come from C-level Executives and the Head of Strategy / Innovation, Actuary & Pricing, Marketing, Information Technology, Digital Transformation, Underwriting, Claims & Anti-fraud, Customer Services, Risk Management, Data Center, AI, e-Commerce etc. of Insurance companies.

Key Topics

♦  Insurance Analytics: Global Trends and
    European Leadership Practice
♦  How to transform Advanced Analytics
    into a competitive advantage?
♦  Risk control and customized insurance
    product with data analysis
♦  How to use data analytics and AI to meet
    customers' real-time needs?
♦  How analytics and AI enable insurance
    marketing and increase customer
♦  How do AI and data analysis empower
    insurance intermediaries?
♦  Leverage the Potential of Data to Enhance
    Underwriting and Claims
♦  Case Study: Digital employees help
    improve customer services
  ♦  Case Study: Fraud detection with
    Advanced Analytics and AI
♦  Unstructured data analysis in claim
♦  Cybersecurity and Insurance in the post
    digital era
♦  Integration and application of medical big
    data: connect customers, data and systems
♦  Holistic, digital, seamless: transforming the
    claims process
♦  Optimizing Customer Engagement with
    Machine Learning & Data Mining
♦  How to navigate the new data landscape?
♦  Collaboration innovates the future
♦  More Hot Topics…

The Reasons Why You Can Not Miss

♦  A must-attend annual gathering in Europe focusing on “insurance analytics and AI innovation”
♦  China Focus:Providing access to cases & insights to enter into APAC market
♦  To gain latest insights of new trends in insurance analytics and AI
♦  To get new ideas, new solutions and new innovations in applying big data, advanced analytics and AI
    in insurance
♦  To know how other insurers/insurance startups/ insurtech companies are pushing forward their
    insurance analytics and AI agendas
♦  To learn from plenty of live life use cases of insurance analytics and AI both in Europe and other
    regions around the world
♦  To explore how insurance analytics and AI will change and transform the entire insurance value chain,
    from product development, marketing and business strategy, underwriting, claims, to customer
    services and etc.
♦  Attendees will be able to ask questions to the guests during the group discussion so that they can
    get exclusive insights on the topics they care about most
♦  Strong participant profile, a gathering of decision makers

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