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Dear Colleagues,

Similar to the widely discussed “FinTech” buzzword, InsurTech is now arising to disturb the insurance industry. Globally, the investments in insurTech increase rapidly and leads the wayof growth rate among all other sectors infintech.

In China, the interest for insurTechgrows very fast.In May 2017, the China InsurTech Development White Paper was published. The White Paper hasindicated that there are 10 emerging technologies will disrupt the insurance industry and reshape the future, and the 10 technologies are blockchain, AI, IoT, big data, cloud computing, telematics, driverless car, UAV, DNA genetic testing, and wearable device.

Supported by the relatively open and positive environment for insurance innovation in China, pilot testing projects have been initiated to explore the commercial application of all the advanced technologies. The successes of the pilot projects have attracted more and more players to join the insurtech revolution.

The revolution is now at the edge of breaking out, while many challenges still remain, such as regulatory supports, technology maturity, business models, industrial acceptance, professional skills, and etc.

The InsurTech Innovation Congress China 2018 is designed to help the whole industry get more ready for the revolution by exploring the opportunities and providing possible solutions to overcome the challenges.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai!

Best regards,
InsurTech Innovation Congress China 2018


Session 1: InsurTech Ecosystem&Insurance Transformation

  • 09:00 Building InsurTech Ecosystem in China: Policy Supports &Industry Efforts
  • 09:20 An Authoritative Interpretation of the China InsurTech Development White Paper
  • 09:40 Digitalization of Insurance Industry: Current Status and Prospects
  • 10:00 InsurTech Innovation and Development Trends all around the World
  • 10:20 Networking Coffee Break

  • Session 2: Big Data & the Age of “Precision” Insurance

  • 10:50 Know Your Customers and the Trends of Self-Tailored Insurance Products
  • 11:15 Big Data, Data Analytics and Precision Marketing in Insurance
  • 11:40 Utilizing Big Data in Insurance Claim Management
  • 12:05 Gene Test, Life Data & The Precision Trends Development in Health Management
  • 12:30 Luncheon Sponsorship Available
  • 14:00 Panel Discussion: Where Big Data Come from?

  • Session 3: Blockchain&Its Commercial Values for Insurance

  • 14:30 The Commercial Values of Blockchain in Insurance
  • 14:55 Blockchain-Based Insurance Products Innovations
  • 15:20 The Application of SmartContracts in Insurance Underwritings and Claims: Challenges & Solutions
  • 15:45 Case Study of Blockchain Commercial Application in Insurance
  • 16:10 To Achieve the Commercial Values of Blockchain in Insurance
  • 16:35 Networking Coffee Break

  • Session 4: Mobile Internet Applications in Insurance & Customer Experience Improvement

  • 17:05 The Mobile Trends in Insurance
  • 17:30 Mobile APP Innovation to Improve Customer Experience
  • 17:55 The Rising of InsurTech & Its Affects on Insurance Industry
  • Session 5: Getting Automatic and Smart-the Disruption of AI for Insurance

  • 09:00 Automatic and Smart: The Potentials of AI and the Application Scenarios in Insurance
  • 09:25 Using Chat Robots & Human Face Recognition to Improve Efficiency and Customer Experiences:
  • 09:50 Image Recognition Technology to Revolute Insurance Claim Management: Smart and Simple
  • 10:15 How Insurers Can Harness Artificial Intelligence
  • 10:40 Networking Coffee Break
  • 11:10 The rising of AI: opportunities or threats?

  • Session 6: IoT Insurance-Get Connected, Stay Connected

  • 12:25 Telematics and UBI: Latest Development Worldwide & China’s Practices
  • 12:25 The Potentials of Wearables for Health Insurance & Challenges
  • 12:25 Smart Home and Homeowners Insurance
  • 12:50 Networking Luncheon

  • Session 7: Cloud Computing & Its Potentials for Insurance

  • 14:00 How Cloud Computing will Transform Insurance
  • 14:25 Experience Sharing of the Implementation of Cloud Computing in Insurance Enterprise
  • 14:50 Build Cloud Data Center: Core Technologies, Operation Maintenance and Security
  • 15:15 Cloud Solutions for SMEs in Insurance Industry
  • 16:05 Networking Coffee Break
  • 16:05 Privacy and Security Solutions for Cloud Applications

  • Session 8: Innovations in Insurance RegTech

  • 17:40 Innovating with RegTech: TurningRegulatory Compliance into a Competitive Advantage
  • 17:40 Panel Discussion: the Development in RegTech- Opportunities and Challenges
  • 17:40 Chairman’s Closing Remarks & the End of the 2-Day Conference
  • In the event brochure, you will know that the 3-day conference this year will more focus on China Insurance development


  • Government
  • Regulatory Authorities
  • Insurance Associations/institutes
  • Insurers/ Reinsurers
  • Internet Insurers
  • Asset Management Companies
  • Financial Institutions(Banks, Funds, Securities, etc)
  • Law Firms
  • Internet Companies
  • IT Suppliers
  • Insurance Brokers/Agencies/Assessors
  • Consultants
  • … etc.