Event Background

    It is estimated that global insurer IT spending has reached USD 220 billion in 2019 and 8-10% (USD 18-22 billion) has been outlaid on data and analytics. Big data, analytics and AI have been the most widely invested and important technologies in insurance industry.

    Although still at it early stage, the global insurance analytics market is expected to grow fast. Asia Pacific (APAC) market is expected to grow at the highest CAGR between 2018 and 2023, owing to the increased adoption of automation and huge opportunities across industries in the APAC countries.

    There is a rapidly developing environment with respect to the use of big data and data analytics in the Asia Pacific region. Insurers and regulators in the region have an awareness of and appreciation for the potential benefits of big data and data analytics. Many insurers in the region are actively invested in the adoption of the new technologies.

    As the best-attended and most-welcomed insurance analytics and AI event in the region, the 2nd Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific 2020 is a must-attend annual gathering in Asia Pacific focusing on “insurance analytics and AI” for global and regional insurance industry players to share and discuss how data analytics and AI reshape the entire insurance value chain.

Key Topics

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    ♦  Global new innovations and trends in insurance analytics
        and AI
    ♦  Implications of big data and AI for innovation, competition
        and privacy
    ♦  Big data and analytics to enhance insurer operations in
    ♦  Transform big data analytics into a competitive advantage
    ♦  AI applications in insurance: strategies and struggles
    ♦  Digitalization with big data and AI in Insurance in the USA
    ♦  Strategies in the adoption of big data, advanced analytics
        and AI in insurance
    ♦  AI and advanced analytics in insurance product
    ♦  Insurance actuaries in the age of big data, predictive
        analytics and AI
    ♦  Insurance product development with IoT data and AI
    ♦  How analytics and AI enable insurance marketing and
        business strategy
    ♦  Segmented approaches and strategies with data analytics
        and AI
    ♦  AI and machine learning in insurance telemarketing
    ♦  AI-based sales agent management
    ♦  AI as the enabler across the entire insurance value chain
    ♦  The impact and possible use cases of AI in insurance
    ♦  Case study- application of AI in underwriting
    ♦  Case study- virtual assistant to improve customer services
    ♦  Case study- AI for illness and disability claim predictions
    ♦  Case study- AI in claims processing
    ♦  Case study- fraud detection with advanced analytics and AI
    ♦  Innovations in insurance underwriting and claims
    ♦  Automating insurance underwriting with big data and cloud
    ♦  Big data as a fraud detection tool in medical insurance
    ♦  Customer-centric initiatives with big data and AI
    ♦  More Hot Topics…

Why you can not miss?

    ♦  A must-attend annual gathering in Asia Pacific focusing on “insurance analytics and AI”
    ♦  To gain insights of new trends in insurance analytics and AI
    ♦  To get new ideas, new solutions and new innovations in applying big data, advanced analytics and AI in insurance
    ♦  To know how other insurers/insurtech startups/ leading technology companies are pushing forward their insurance
        analytics and AI agendas
    ♦  To learn from plenty of real-life use cases of insurance analytics and AI both in APAC and other regions around
        the world

    ♦  To explore how insurance analytics and AI will change and transform the entire insurance value chain, from product
        development, marketing and business strategy, underwriting, claims, to customer services and etc.
    ♦  To learn new ways to apply AI to insurance operations and businesses
    ♦  The best participant profile

Who Should Attend

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