5th India Nuclear Industry Congress
2019 May 15-16 | Mumbai, India

Innovate and Collaborate for India’s Nuclear Expansion
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Keynote Review from WANO at 4th India Nuclear Industry Congress
The future of world nuclear industry Nuclear World Map –Future Situation
♦ In China, Russia and India, many units are under construction or planned.
♦ Additionally, new units will be operated at some countries of Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe for the first time.
The future of world nuclear industry NUA Project
♦ New Unit Assistance (NUA) project
♦ Launched in 2014 to provide support to:
- New entrants –prospective new WANO members
- Existing members with new build projects
- New units approaching start-up
♦ WANO’s pre-start up peer review experience has identified areas in which new units need specific support
♦ NUA assistance model will ensure members supported in advance of their pre-startup peer review (PSUR)
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Agenda at a Glance
Date AM PM
Day One
Session 1: National Policy and Global Market
Session 2: Regulation, Safety and Nuclear Liabilities
Session 3: Nuclear Partnership and International Collaboration
Session 4: Financing, Risk & Project Management
Day Two
Session 5: New Nuclear and Long-Term Operation of NPPs in India
Session 6: Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Disposal
Session 7: Supply Chain Localisation and Skills Development
Session 8: Innovative Advances in Technology, Equipment& Services
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