5th India Nuclear Industry Congress
2019 May 15-16 | Mumbai, India

Innovate and Collaborate for India’s Nuclear Expansion

rench energy giant EDF has submitted a commercial proposal to the Indian authorities for the Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant (JNPP) in the west coast state of Maharashtra, marking a significant step forwards for the project. The JNPP, proposed to be the largest nuclear park in the country to be built in coastal Maharashtra, will have six reactors with a capacity of 1650 MW each.

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The offer would reportedly help India and French utility provider EDF determine the cost of the project and the tariff for the electricity generated.
EDF was bringing in new technology, the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), the country nuclear watchdog, asked for a reference plant.

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Session 5: New Nuclear and Long-Term Operation of NPPs in India
0900 Nuclear Power Plants in India: Status and
- NPPs in operation and maintenance work
- Progress and timeline of nuclear power projects under construction: Rajasthan 7&8, Kalpakkam, Kudankulam3&4
- Planed reactors: Kudankulam 5&6, Jaitapur, Kovvada, Gorakhpur 1&2, MahiBanswara 1&2
- Potential tendering activities and opportunities for national/international players

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