5th India Nuclear New Build Congress
2019 May 15-16 | Mumbai, India

Innovate and Collaborate for India’s Nuclear Expansion

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Heavy Water Board(HWB), a constituent industrial unit of DAE, signed a collaborative agreement with M/s Clearsynth, Mumbai for sale of 20 tonnes of Heavy Water in a year for development of deuterium labeled compounds, NMR Solvents, d-labeled Active Pharma Ingredients (APIs). This marks the beginning of an important era in the annals of Indian Nuclear industry leading to societal benefits for the masses. It is worth noting that during the previous years Indian industries have imported deuterated compounds and Heavy Water to the tune of 9 Million USD. This Agreement will initiate import substitution for the deuterated compounds and Heavy Water.

Heavy Water Board also plans to supply heavy water to Indian companies to produce deuterated compounds within the country. They have already entered into an MoU with a few Indian companies for collaborative development of deuterated compounds through non-nuclear applications of heavy water.

We’re honored to announce that V.K. Khilnaney, Director (Operation) , from Heavy Water Board (HWB) has confirmed to attend 5th India Nuclear New Build Congress 2019 as speaker.

For the hot issues, he will share Heavy Water Production in India – Nuclear and Non Nuclear Applications.
Session 5: New Nuclear Power Plants in India
1100 Heavy Water Production in India – Nuclear and Non Nuclear Applications
V.K. Khilnaney, Director (Operation), Heavy Water Board (HWB)

1700 Insights into Project Management of Nuclear New Build Programme
Dr. A. B. Mukherjee, Raja Ramanna Fellow, Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)
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About Heavy Water Board(HWB)

Heavy Water Board (HWB) is a constituent unit under the Department of Atomic Energy in the Government of India. The organisation is primarily responsible for production of Heavy Water (D2O) which is used as a 'moderator' and 'Coolant' in nuclear power as well as research reactors. Other than Heavy Water, HWB is also engaged with production of different types of nuclear grade solvents and extraction of rare materials. India is one of the largest manufacturers of heavy water in the world.

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