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NIC Background
The inaugural Turkey · MENA Nuclear Industry Congress (NIC) will be held on June 18 - 19, 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. The Organizing Committee cordially invites you to come and actively participate in this intriguing event.

Among the countries that are under serious consideration to develop nuclear power, Turkey and MENA countries are increasing its lead the emerging countries. This year’s conference, themed “Clean, Safe and Sustainable Nuclear Energy Supporting Economic Growth”, intends to highlight the prospect of MENA and Turkey in global market, strives to provide meaningful coverage on current developing strategy. To this end, discussions on primary consideration in developing nuclear energy, evolving regulation and infrastructure, technology and cooperation model, and international and regional best practices, among others, are woven throughout our comprehensive conference program.

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Event Agenda
  A.M. P.M.
DAY 1 0910-1030: Rethinking of Nuclear Renaissance after Fukushima Daichi Disaster in Janpan
1100-1230: Nuclear Development Strategy in Turkey & MENA
1400-1530: Nuclear Safety-Policy & Regulation
1600-1700: Nuclear Safety - International Cooperation & Risk Management
DAY 2 0910-1030: Technology & Model Selection for New Comers
1100-1230: International Case Study
1400-1530: Fuel Cycle Influence NPP’s Future Return
1600-1700: Waste Management & Decommissioning & Sustainable Development
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