Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to attend the 3rd Offshore India Congress 2019 event, which will be held in New Delhi, India during September 19-20th, 2019.

Indian government has taken a series of policy decisions to promote offshore exploration and production of oil and gas, including Reassessment of hydrocarbon resources, Survey of un-appraised areas of sedimentary basins, Setting up of National Data Repository, Hydrocarbon Exploration Licensing Policy, Discovered Small Field Policy, Policy to promote and incentivize enhanced oil discovery methods, Reforms in gas pricing, marketing and pricing freedom etc. Inspired with success blocks awarding in DSF and OALP rounds, Government of India has launched further rounds of OALP bidding.

Around India, new offshore bidding rounds have also been planned and announced in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. With a broad range of licensing and investment opportunities expected in the year ahead, companies looking to invest in this attractive and lucrative region have a huge variety of entry opportunities.

3rd Offshore India Congress 2019 event aims to be the timeliest offshore event platform for global stakeholders to success in and around India, by exploring new offshore investment potentials in the region, revealing untapped resource from current geoscience studies, introducing pricing and development strategy, updating latest progress of on-going and planned offshore projects, showcasing innovative and digital technologies to enhance E&P efficiency, together with unlimited opportunities for international peers to network with local governors, regulators, operators, investors and suppliers for future cooperation.

I look forward to your participation in 3rd Offshore India Congress 2019.

Best regards,

Organizing Committee of 3rd Offshore India Congress 2019


09:00-12:00 Session 1:Landscape of Offshore Investment Potentials in and around India

14:00-15:30 Session 2:Revealing Untapped Offshore Resource with Geoscience Studies

16:00-17:00 Session 3:Monetizing Offshore Hydrocarbons: Pricing and Development Strategy

09:00-12:00 Session 4:Spotlighting on Offshore and Deepwater Projects

14:00-17:00 Session 5:Innovative and Digital Offshore Technologies to Enhance E&P Efficiency

The Most Premier Deepwater Oil & Gas Conference focusing on India, which covers New Regulation & Local Content Introduction, Oil & Gas Discovery and Project Updates, as well as Innovative Technologies to Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency.