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With great support of government policies and technology innovations, the smart home industry has been one of the most booming markets in the Asian Pacific region. According to estimates, our smart home market will reach 139.6 billion RMB in 2018, and China’s smart home market will reach 350 billion RMB in 2020. Currently, the industry giant moved frequently in smart home with strategic planning, creating lots of potential business opportunities for the whole industry chain.

However, the development of the smart home industry is not yet mature in China. We are facing INDUSTRY PAINS like:


♦ Industry standard insufficiency
♦ Homogenization
♦ Non-interoperability,
♦ Industry chain imbalance
♦ Slow development in the upstream and middle stream
♦ Bad customization experience and after-sales service
♦ Lack of international certification
♦ 没有统一的行业标准
♦ 同质化严重
♦ 设备不能互联互通
♦ 产业链发展不均衡
♦ 上中游发展缓慢影响行业布局
♦ 客户个性化定制体验, 售后服务不足
♦ 缺乏严格的国际认证检测,难与国际接轨

As a result, we sincerely welcome you to visit Smart Home Summit Asia 2017(Jan 12-13, 2017, Beijingto search tailored solutions at the only comprehensive smart home summit in Asia.
因此,诚挚欢迎您莅临2017年1月12-13日在北京举办的2017智能家居亚洲峰会, 您将在亚洲唯一综合性智能家居行业高端峰会上寻找到为您定制的解决方案。

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SHSA 2017 can Solve Your Key Questions in Asian Smart Home Market

 ♦ How does the Asian leading player establish the smart ecosystem?
 ♦ What’re the main technical standards in this region to make devices both connected and smart?
 ♦ Which role can you play in the most potential area? Analysis your Competitiveness and partnership opportunity.
 ♦ What are the right solutions to meet Asian customers’ divers needs. Cross industry integration, like Telecom, Robot, Smart health, etc. …….
Why You Can’t Miss? 为何不能错过?
 ♦ International Insights from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, US, EU and More to Help You to Gain Comprehensive Knowledge of Global Smart Home Industry Development Trend
 ♦ The Integrated Industry to Share More Business Opportunities from Upstream to Downstream
 ♦ Cross-Border Integration among Telecom, Real Estate, Robot and Wearable Medical to Share New Thinking for Your Industry Exploration

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