Expediting Africa Unconventional Gas Exploration Activities to Uncover the Huge Reserves Potential
Sept. 28-29 | Cape Town , South Africa
Shale Gas Fracturing, develop it or ban it?

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Shale gas exploration is always under debate. On the one side the Treasure Karoo campaign portrays fracturing as evil. On the other side, the oil and gas companies see shale gas as a silver bullet for the world’s energy security concerns.

Both sides enlist scientists who preach the dangers or praise the benefits of shale gas. Both sides line up countries that either allow fracturing or have banned it.

The US recently announced that beyond 2030, through shale-gas exploration, it will not only be fuel-sufficient, but will also be a major gas exporter.

How much shale gas is there in the Karoo? We don’t know. Leading geologist Maarten de Wit suggested a while ago that we needed to look before jumping to conclusions.

He suggested something else that has been lost in the crossfire between the forces of good and evil – the reason we don’t know how much shale gas there is in the Karoo is we don’t have enough scientists locally who know about shale-gas exploration.

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