Peter Rosewarne
Principal Hydrogeologist
SRK Consulting

Peter is a Principal Hydrogeologist with 40 years of experience in groundwater resource evaluation and supply, mine water control and subsurface contamination. He obtained a BSc Honours in Geology from Kingston University, London, in 1974 and joined the South African Geological Survey in 1975, initially in the Regional Mapping section, later transferring to the Groundwater section and the Department of Water Affairs. Joined Steffen Robertson and Kirsten Johannesburg in 1982 and started the groundwater department in the Cape Town office in 1984. Obtained an MSc in hydrogeology from Rhodes University in 1984. Was a Partner/Director in SRK Consulting from 1986 and resigned from full time employment with SRK at the end of 2014 and is currently working as an independent consultant. He has extensive experience in groundwater resource evaluation for municipalities and mines, investigation of new nuclear sites, Karoo aquifers and impacts of shale gas exploration, mine groundwater control, hydrogeological mapping, environmental impact specialist studies and numerical flow modeling. Project areas include South Africa, Namibia, Chile, Tanzania, Mozambique, Botswana and Zimbabwe.



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