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 ♦ Apr. 8, 2015
See Who Will Attende UGAS Europe 2015

 ♦ Mar. 31, 2015
See Who Will Attende UGAS Europe 2015

 ♦ Mar. 26, 2015
See Who Will Attende UGAS Europe 2015

 ♦ Mar. 16, 2015
See Who Will Attende UGAS Europe 2015

 ♦ Mar. 13, 2015
San Leon Energy has made its first commercial gas discovery in Poland

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Day 1
June, 18

 ♦ Unconventional gas policy and regulatory framework updates(tax, new regulation
 ♦ Addressing the common challenges in Europe shale Industry (Environment/geology)

Day 1
June, 19

 ♦ Europe Shale Gas Project Updates & Operators' Shale Strategies
 ♦ Risk Management(Risk, Water, Joint Venture)
 ♦ Technology Innovation

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Examing the Technology of CBM Multile-lateral Horizontal Well--- Essar Group
CBM Exploration & Production in India- Risks&Mitigation--- Dart Energy
Unconventional Workflow: A Holistic Approach to Shale Gas Development--- Halliburton
Commercialization of CBM in India---Great Eastern Energy Corporation Ltd
Emergence of unconventional gas in India-Challenges and Opportunities---Deloitte
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 ♦  One-to-One opportunities with policy makers, operators, and technical and industry experts
 ♦ 200+specialists sharing industry expertise and information exchanges
 ♦ 30+ senior speakers giving in-depth insights and advices
 ♦ Exclusive Panels to focus on the most controversial issues in Europe's CBM & shale gas industry
 ♦ Gain knowledge that is directly applicable to your work and transfer that knowledge back to your team
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