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Unconventional Gas Convention, Europe 2015

UGAS, Europe is one branch conference under the global unconventional gas serial event UGAS. It is the leading conference dedicated to address the major challenges in Europe unconventional gas development, and bring together successful operators & oilfield companies from home and abroad to share their valuable experiences and explore more effective measures to speed up the progress of Europe unconventional gas projects.

At this stage, the industry is eager for a platform to loop in the major players, including governments, operators, oilfields service corps, and industry experts from consulting, law firms & finance sectors, to communicate and exploring the optimization solution to the current obstacles.

Unconventional Gas Convention, Europe 2015, to be organized on June 18-19, 2015, in Warsaw,
will defiantly be such a great opportunity for the UG industry professionals to exchange their opinions and find potential business opportunities.
Who Should Attend£¿
 ♦ Technology & Service provider
 ♦ Power Generations Company
 ♦ Oil & Gas Equipment Vendors
 ♦ Consultants, Engineering Firms, Law Firms and Academics
 ♦ Logistic, Transportation & Infrastructure Companies
 ♦ Banks/ Financers / Investors...
Key Topics
 ♦ Unconventional Gas Policies & Regulatory Framework in Europe
 ♦ Commercial Strategies to Promote Unconventional Gas Development
 ♦ Major Unconventional Gas Projects Showcase
 ♦ Europe Unconventional Gas Potential
 ♦ Technical Skills to Optimize Unconventional Gas Production

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