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The Agricultural and Food Marketing Association for Asia and the Pacific (AFMA) is an international non-profit organization established in 1983 under sponsorship of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). AFMA’s mandate is to carry out technical cooperation among food and agricultural marketing institutions of the countries in Asia and the Pacific.
AFMA is an autonomous body governed by the General Assembly and an Executive Committee. The General Assembly meets every two years while the Executive Committee is elected for two years and meets annually to plan strategy, determine the activities to be undertaken and formulate a budget.

Highlights of Global Dairy Congress China 2016

 ♦ Overview of China Dairy Market’ Economics and Policies
 ♦ Joining in 300+ senior industry executives to hear from 30+ senior industry experts’ solutions and enjoy high     level peer-to-peer networking
 ♦ Learning about the“Globalization+ Digitization”transformation strategy of Leading Chinese Dairy Companies and     global good practices
 ♦ Insight into Consumer’s Diversity Demands and the Opportunity Brought by the “Two-child Policy”
 ♦ Gaining the Latest Technology,Product Innovation,Marketing Strategy and Solutions for the Safety and
    Quality Control

Top Reasons Why Attend

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     ♦ Most influential dairy event platform in China to creating    networking opportunities with key organizations in global    and Asia dairy sector
     ♦ 1 Workshop & 5 Sessions to Learn Global Good Practices,    Updated Consumer Perspectives, R&D Trends and    Emerging Technologies from Global Dairy Leaders
     ♦ Hearing from 30+ senior industry expert speakers from    government, association, farmer, processor, marketer an
       solution providers
     ♦ Joining in 300+ senior industry executives to hear from    30+ senior industry experts’ solutions and enjoy high
       level peer-to-peer networking




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